What is Pixeland?

Pixeland is a collection of various game development initiatives around the world organised by local developers. These initiatives range from programming classes, game jams, workplaces to occasional meet-ups. Everyone can join and start their own initiative and due to its global nature is able to share resources, branding, promotion and (in the future) funding.

Why connect local initiatives:

  • Central website with sub-pages for each initiative featuring news and information.
  • Share resources (like pre-made game assets, guides, support, funding and software).
  • Connect local developers in a global community.
  • Cross-promotion between various initiatives.

Through this collection we hope to inspire people to do something big or small for their local community.

What locations/initiatives are there?

See the locations page to find an initiative near you!

You can create your own initiative and join Pixeland!

Wish to join the Pixeland group with your own local initiative or looking for advice how to start such a thing? Contact us and we'll help you out! There are no costs on joining Pixeland or asking for advice/guidelines.