Pixeland Parkstad

About location

Pixeland Parkstad (previously known as Kenney Land) is the first location of Pixeland. In southern Netherlands (Limburg) you'll find a large and open community center for local game development.

Next to regular events the following facilities are available (contact us to plan a visit):

Available facilities

  • Work/hangout/event space
  • Available hardware for use: Oculus DK2, Leap Motion and OUYA
  • Recording booth for sound effects and voice-over
  • Advice on overall game development

Plan a visit

Interested in working on your project or seeking advice regarding game development? Plan a visit! E-mail us using the contact details below and plan a date, without an appointment we unfortunately can't give access to the venue.


Pixeland Parkstad
Industriestraat 62


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Phone: +31 (0)85 - 401 9811