Platformer ideas

Written by Kenney

Platformer ideas
Platformer ideas

Creating a 2D platformer is a great project to start game development with. During the creation you can learn or teach about level building, collision detection and scrolling. You can grab a complete pack of game graphics to get started. No idea what do add after the first few basic things are done? Here are a few ideas:

Ideas marked with ★ can be a bit more advanced depending on the game engine

Cloud tiles

When the player lands on these tiles he'll stay on them, but when the player jumps up he'll jump through. Optionally add controls for the player to fall through them at will.

Breaking blocks

Create a block that is destroyed when the player hits it from the bottom. Optionally add particles (or physics) for debris.

Item block

Create a block that reveals an item when the player hits it from the bottom, make sure the block will become 'disabled' once used.


The player loses a life/dies when hitting a spike. Optionally make the player lose a bit of health and flash the player a few seconds during which he is invincible.


Create a ladder that the user can move up/down from, make sure that the user won't get stuck on the ladder.

Falling bridge

When the player touches these bridge elements they break and fall. Optionally make the bridge tile shake before falling to add suspension.


Create water that the player is able to swim in by jumping. Optionally make other physics enabled objects react accordingly to the water.

Bouncy block

Create a block that the player can bounce on, when the user jumps on the right moment the player will reach a higher altitude.

Moving grass

Grass that moves dynamically in the wind to add to the environment. Optionally add player interaction, where the grass will move when touched by the player.

Ice block

★ Create a tile that the user will slip on, make sure that slopes react accordingly. Optionally make all other physics enabled items/enemies react to the ice too.


★ Create two portals where the player can navigate between. Optionally show the world through the portals.

Door opened by key

★ Create a door that can be opened (to reveal the next area/level) by picking up a key somewhere else in the level. Optionally have the player pick up a single key max and carry it to do the door

Door opened by button

★ Create a door that can be opened (to reveal the next area/level) by pressing a button somewhere else in the level. Optionally add physics where the user has to push an item or box onto the button for the door to stay open.


★ Create a saw that runs left and right, the player loses health or a life when touched. Optionally make the saw run around blocks of tiles dynamically

Got a great idea yourself? Let us know and we'll add it to the list!