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Three years ago, the idea for Pixeland was born: a location where game developers can meet-up, gather advice and tips, get feedback and above all work on their own projects. We started out small and thanks to the community set-up the first Pixeland location in 2015. After three years of events, meet-ups, community building and hosting exciting projects we're ready to move on.


The new location is located in the same city (Kerkrade, Netherlands) and offers almost 70% more capacity. We've purchased this location which (in contrast to renting) reduces costs and allows us to do more location customization and host more events. A massive upgrade!

We've already secured all resources required to finance the new building. The bank will lend us 50% of the building price, Kenney adds 25% to that and a private funder will lend the remaining 25%. Donations made by community members and other supporters will be used for furnishing, renovation and equipment for the public.

Events, facilities and online

At the new location we will be able to host bigger and more events. We're planning to host an official Global Game Jam location, the first BBQ Game Jam location in the Netherlands, do regular mixers and offer a Kenney Jam location.

Next to these events Pixeland will be open all year round for every developer, student, hobbyist and professional game developer. They can use our resources, we'd provide help and advice and offer a place to work on their own projects.

Not everyone is near this Pixeland location, so to expand the reach we've set-up a Discord channel that currently has 1,300+ members!

You can help!

Every donations counts, no matter how large or small. Each penny goes towards funding the project and helping developers achieve their goals. Click the button below to donate.

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